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Wodonga celebrant - Helen Kerr
Civil Celebrants
When it came time for a change from my career as a nurse, I thought how special it would be to help make the magic happen for others. So I did the training and became a Civil Celebrant. I have just loved facilitating and conducting the wedding services I have been involved in so far. I had aspirations to be my three nephews’ rich, spinster aunt until 19 years ago when Terry changed this concept to happily married not so rich aunt. These 19 years have been the best time of my life, and hopefully there is a whole heap more time to go. I look back to my wedding day and how much I enjoyed it from start to finish. I realise now that it was special not only because of Terry, but also for the fact that the whole day, including the ceremony, went just the way we wanted it to. I have also, since my appointment, conducted a funeral, which happened to be for my father-in-law. Conducting this funeral made me appreciate that there is also beauty in saying good bye to a loved one.
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