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Shell Brown
03 July 2020
 It's true that a lot of civil celebrants only conduct marriage ceremonies or funerals but there are also many Celebrants who identify as Family Celebrants who offer their services for a multitude of celebrations that will continue on throu...
Melanie Lawson
26 June 2020
Flowers are beautiful but….Flowers play a part in so many of our rituals and ceremonies.  From adorning a wedding aisle, laid as a wreath to remember those who died in war, or given as a gift to a bereaved family, flowers can enhance a ceremony ...
Susan Roberts
17 June 2020

The short answer is NO and Celebrant Susie Roberts is going to tell us why.....

TCN OPD and Conference Cancellation Policy


We understand that sometimes your plans have to change.  

Unfortunately there are costs involved in cancellations as TCN will have made commitments based on your booking.


In relation to bookings for the TCN Conference 2019:

For cancellations made before 15 April 2019 you will receive a refund less an admin fee of $30.  

For cancellations after that date you will receive a refund less $80.

There will be no refunds for non-arrivals on the day.

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