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Albums - celebrant or presentation

Three styles available:

 Hand-Made Albums and Registers - Design Options 

  • Substantial discounts apply for TCN members
  • Each individually hand-made: by an experienced book-binder
  • Include Plastic Album Insert with Plastic acid-free pockets which may be replaced when sleeves become worn
  • Size: albums of 10, 20 or 40 pockets (may allow for up-dating) for A4 size pages or 20 pockets for an A5 size.
    • A5 is a better size for holding - especially if you are short and well endowed in the chestCool
    • A4 is a little bulky so suitable when using lecterns, stands etc.
  • Delivery: 3 to 4 weeks
  • Motifs: None, Rose, Heart, Gum leaf - see designs
  • Colours available: Burgundy /Maroon • Black • Blue • Brown • Green • Silver • Navy • Purple • Whitish
  • Text: Your name, or business name etc.
  • Cleaning:  See below
  • Style/ Cover fabric: Durable Buckram cloth or Leatherette (plastic)
    Note: Samples of fabric are available prior to ordering, if requested
    These products are long lasting and durable, but do need a little care, especially if you have the padded variety

Albums for Celebrants Use

Albums are defined as a blank book for the insertion of photographs, stamps, or pictures. Here in the TCN Celebrant Shop, albums are used to describe a display book with plastic pockets, with or without a special cover, for the purpose of holding pages, for

  • a copy of the ceremony, from which the celebrant may read, 
  • as a register for all ceremonies other than marriage for use in the ceremony 

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Gift Albums

Albums can also be used as a gift to present to someone as an 

  • Memento Album for holding a copy of the ceremony and related material for the guest/s of honour prepared by the celebrant for the special occasion eg a Party with a Purpose (PWAP)
  • Life Story or holding Life Story notes or for a 'This is your Life' style ceremony album, 
    with the Guest of Honour's name stamped on the front with or without a motif.
  • Appreciation Album with appreciation pages for the guests for the guest/s of honour to complete as a celebration gift before or at the ceremony for the special occasion eg a Party with a Purpose (PWAP)

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Register Albums

Some celebrants use purchase a 20 or 40 pocket Albums with our supplier made cover and the words Ceremony Register to create a register for all ceremonies other than marriage.

This is not the same as our TCN Register Folders. A Register Album looks more like a book and is used at the ceremony.

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Album Care Instructions

  • Take care to ensure pens etc in your briefcase don't press against the fabric. If small dents do happen, your register can be gently rubbed with a clean cloth whilst warming it with a hair dryer or gently ironed.
  • Keep covered when not in use, and if needed
  • Clean with a damp cloth and a little 'mr sheen'.
  • Any cleaning product will clean them up (not metho or turps as they dissolve the material but is useful for putting any Colour on a worn spot).
  • Vaseline will put a shine back in the material and make it water repellent and also clean dirty spots
  • If any brass corners get lost, let us know and we can send a replacement out.
  • Any PVA glue will fix any parts that may occasionally lift off with extensive use or age

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Using A5 albums

To set up for an A5 album, choose a landscape A4 setting with 2 colums - see below.

TCN Members have access to a free Word File for the ceremony set-up for A5 albums

Login > MEMBERS  > Templates > A5 Word File for A5 Celebrant Album - Mock-up


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Commercially manufactured leatherette albums - can be personalised 

  • Only available in black with 20 or 40 pockets
  • Has a display album insert with acid free pockets to allow for updating of content.
  • Motifs - included in fee: None, Rose, Heart, Gumleaf Rings.
  • Text - included in fee for personalised: You choose eg John Martin Smith
  • Other options - may available for  an extra fee.
  • Note your choices in the Comments box at the end of the ordering process or contact us

When the central display album plastic pockets become worn, it may be replaced with an A4 refill display album.

See example of insert cover in detailed image Leathette-a4-Albums

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Plastic Albums/ Folders

Clear plastic folders with firm plastic cover for insert front cover and 10 or 20 clear plastic pockets.

Useful to contain

  • memento copy of the ceremony to give couple/ family
    • front cover pocket - for decorative cover sheet with individual or couple's names or the certificate
    • pages for guest signatures and wishes
    • the certificate - in last pocket facing back see through cover - saves using envelopes

  • your own ceremony planners as resources to loan with a depositi or sell to clients.


  • use TCN gold or silver bordered paper for cover and a decorative matching certifcate in rear pocket
  • acid free for archival storage
  • protects ceremony papers and certificates from spells and dirt

See example of insert cover in detailed image 

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