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Register folders

Registers are defined as an official list or record of names or items.

  • Available in a range of colours and cover materials.

Celebrants use registers to hold records of marriage or other ceremonies.

These may be bound books eg. Marriage Registers from Canprint.

Or registers may be albums / display books to hold loose pages copies of ceremony records

Or registers may be our unique register folders that hold one set of ceremony records at a time, using a display ablum or other storage file for the complete set.

Some celebrants use 20 or 40 pocket display books or albums to hold their ceremony records, when using celebrant or BDM software or Word templates to create the documents. These are for Celebrant private use only.  These can also be used in conjunction with a Register Folder.

Register Folders

Register Folders were developed to look like the Register book, but only contain the loose leaf ceremony records and / or certificates.

Register folders are a special product which was developed for online registered marriages that were introduced initially by the NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry Office.

The software allowed the printing of two copies of the Marriage Certificate (Form 16) thus eliminating the need for handwriting into a Register book. Other celebrant software has since done likewise.

For more specific information on Marriage Register Folders:

See Home > Celebrants >  The Celebrants Network shop - quality stationery + > Register folders - marriage  

Some celebrants use the register folder to hold both the Ceremony Records and the participant Certificates, or only the latter.

How to use Register Folders 

For step by step guidance on how to celebrants use these folders, see Register Folders - Marriage

Register Albums

Some celebrants use purchase a 20 or 40 pocket Albums with our supplier made cover and the words Ceremony Register to create a register for all ceremonies other than marriage.

This looks more like a book and is used at the ceremony.

See Home > Celebrants > The Celebrants Network shop - quality stationery + > Albums   

Create your own Ceremony Register Records for ALL your ceremony work

To use with Register Albums, or
Register Folder for signing in on the day and to store your copy in a 20 or 40 pocket display album. 
  • FREE very simple word file templates to make your own Ceremony register for all ceremonies OTHER than Marriages.
  • Based on FORM 16 format - modified to suit Namings, Coming of Teen Age, Coming of Age, Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Renewal of Vows, Divorce, Funeral, Memorial etc.
  • You modify the TABLE to suit the individual participants need.

    Files_for_a General_Register.zip
To be used in conjunction with our All Ceremonies Register or Folder as
  • a more detailed record for couples and families
  • record of all ceremonies for one's own work record.
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