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The Celebrants Network certificate samples

The Celebrants Network members all have access to free templates:

A4: Betrothal-Marriage; Celebration Marriage; Commitment; Partnership; Reaffirmation; Renewal; Wedding Anniversary; Naming; Coming_Age;  Certificate-of-Adulthood;  Birthday; Funeral;  Memorial:

A5: Appreciation Couple; Appreciation Single; Family; Parent; GodParent; GodParentS; Guardian; GuardianS; Mentor; MentorS; Grandparent ; GrandparentS; _Great Godparent; Great GodparentS; 

Here are some examples of ways celebrants may create your own certificates using:

  • craft stickers OR
  • clients photos

    Note: Thes templates over-print the bordered paper, either with or without the couple or families details in Calligraphy Edwardian font (same as headings shown in these examples), or to hand-write the specific detail

Craft stickers - click on thumbnails to enlarge.

Remember:  Different couples and families will have different tastes, and not necessarily the same as yours!

TThe Celebrants Network system allows for far more choice

NAMING Blank NamingCertBLK 
NAMING with Corners NamingCert

NAMING with Teddies Naming2

CELEBRATION OF UNION with rings  COMMITMENT RIngs plain 200 
CELEBRATION OF MARRIAGE with Cupids (these stickers are not everyone's choice)  Cel marriage

25TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY with Rings (bottom)  Wedanniversary3

... with Rings (top) Wedanniversary2

 Wedding Anniversary Certificate with Corners

Clients photos - click on thumbnail to enlarge.

Godparent Certificate personalised with Child's Photo

Making these personalised certificates is something really special.

Not able to be bought anywhere else - so 100% unique

And families love them

  • Baby Naming certificates - the baby, parents, godparents, great grandparents, god-brothers, god-aunties, etc

  • Coming of Age certificates - the person's baby photo and how they are now .. and even stages in between.

  • Birthday certificates - as above or photos related to the persons passions, hobbies or interests; or birthday theme

  • Engagement certificates - photos of the people as babies

  • Wedding Anniversary certificates - the couple's original wedding photos

  • Memento Copy of Ceremony - Motif in the header or footer of the pages

The Celebrants Network Members may access instructions on Adding an image to word file  to create a truly personalised Certificate in the Members Only section.

The Celebrants Network make sure you are logged in to access.
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