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Welcome to The Celebrants Network Inc.

 - the progressive national celebrant association -

Promoting civil ceremonies and celebrations for everyone

The Celebrants Network Inc members are marriage celebrants; memorial and funeral celebrants; family and naming celebrants, celebrants for all occasions.

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Latest Blog Posts

Melanie Lawson
08 August 2022
The 8th of August is Dying to Know Day - a day to start a conversation about death and dying.  We tend to avoid talking about death, grief and loss despite this being something that affects all of us.  Dying to Know Day encourages us to tal...
Melanie Lawson
21 July 2022
As celebrants we hear some common misconceptions about weddings, so today Celebrant Melanie Lawson from Oberon in NSW is going to bust some myths!...
Sonia Collins
06 July 2022
It’s the stuff of dreams and movie moments.  The traditional kiss during the wedding ceremony is preceded by the celebrant saying to the groom “You may kiss your bride” and the big kiss is recorded by photographers and videographers as the guest...

What is an Australian civil celebrant?

Sue Jose Canberra Civil Celebrant with Tomo and Caddie Sue Jose Canberra Civil Celebrant with Tomo and Caddie

 Civil celebrants are independent celebrancy professionals in private practice offering:

  • ceremonies and celebrations for significant life events - for individuals, couples, families or communities
  • so as to honour all people
  • with the aim of celebrating love and life
  • upholding values
  • promoting caring, creative, respectful and harmonious relationships at all levels of society.

Civil Marriage Celebrants are authorised by the Australian Federal Government to provide dignified, meaningful and memorable wedding ceremonies of equal value to, and as an alternative to, religious weddings. Authorised civil marriage celebrants must adhere to a Code of Practice and other requirements as outlined in the Marriage Act 1961 (as amended). Many Civil Marriage Celebrants are also Funeral and General or Family Celebrants.

Civil Funeral / Memorial Celebrants are celebrants who provide meaningful and dignified civil memorials and funeral ceremonies. Such celebrants are usually compassionate and sensitive people, who have training in loss and grief and in working with families to enable them to say farewell to their loved one in a manner that meets their particular needs - honouring their loss and celebrating the unique life of the person who has died.

Civil General Celebrants / Family Celebrants are celebrants who help families celebrate significant life events by offering other ceremonies (such as Anniversary, Birthday, Commitment, Naming, Vow Renewal, House Warming, Pet Funeral).

Civil ceremonies may include some religious material, at the request of the individual, couple or family. Your professional civil celebrant will respect your wishes whether you want such inclusions or not. 

Civil Celebrants charge fees.  Celebrants do not receive government funding or salaries.  They set their scale of fees, like other professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists, solicitors, accountants, etc.

Fees cover not only all the material costs of offering their services (office equipment, phone, power, vehicle, special clothing, advertising, education, professional development, PA system etc) but also the celebrant's time in research, professional development, planning, transport, delivery and follow-up work in performing ceremonies.

Like other professionals, the direct service on the day, is really the tip of the iceberg in terms of the knowledge, experience and skill that the celebrant brings to your significant event.
Feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

Last modified on Tuesday, 21 January 2020 15:29

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