Kennece Coombe

The Destinations Celebrant
Kennece Coomb
Celebrant background: From a career as a teacher and academic, my focus has been to connect with and impact positively on people's lives. I bring this philosophy to my work as a celebrant too. Life milestones deserve a celebration and weddings are the happiest of occasions 
Whether it’s for first-timers, second or third-chancers; whether it’s a full-scale production or an elopement, each couple can be assured that the celebration I prepare for them is theirs, based on their story and aspirations.  
My career has been varied but always people-oriented. Born in Central Qld, I have lived in SE Qld, Canberra, then Hamilton, Palmerston North and Foxton Beach in NZ, back to Wagga Wagga, Albury, Dubbo and Ballarat.
Why I'm a celebrant: For every individual or couple with whom I work, I want to provide a special personal occasion for them. If they walk away from the event and say, "Yes! That was just what we wanted!" then I have succeeded.
I’m a writer and I love to assemble and then to tell, a couple’s story: the romance, the challenges and the goals they have for a happy marriage.
I now live in Tweed Heads where I love to do weddings on beaches, in the mountains, lovely parks, hotels or in private homes or on properties. 
Treasured memories: My first wedding was for my niece in Rockhampton in 36 deg heat and I was wearing a jacket (making sure to look professional for my first time out). I was perspiring and mopping my brow from time to time. My 4 year-old great-niece thought I was crying, so she came forward and held my hand.
Others – in the magnificent Fine Art Gallery in Ballarat; one where a deluge of rain had us all huddling in the local pub rather than on the beach; a ceremony in a convict-built chapel in Tasmania with the puppy dressed to match the bride; and ceremonies for nieces and nephews.
In one, I’d skipped over the bit about the bride’s initial reaction to her groom’s proposal in Tiffany’s. He didn’t. “She hit me!” the groom declared to much hilarity in the middle of the ceremony.
Tips : Dress for the weather first and then dress for the occasion!
Always ensure that your location has access for vehicles to enter and to exit – not a one-way track. Check that there is easy access for all guests to access the site – don’t expect older people or families with children to climb steep slopes or steps nor traipse too far over sandy beaches.Ensure that there is water waiting for your guests.Do not keep guests waiting in remote locations without shade, shelter, facilities or water.
and I'd like to say: I love performing weddings. I’m a romantic (did I mention that?) But, becoming married is serious business with legal consequences and the occasion should be treated with respect. You can still have fun along the way. The best weddings are the ones where the bride and groom are relaxed and able to enjoy the day along with the company of their family and friends.
Don’t sweat the small stuff - a dislodged curl will not stop your wedding nor impact on your future happiness. Just let it become part of the story of the day – something to tell your grandchildren!
Areas serviced: Gold Coast and Hinterland, Tweed, Northern Rivers, Southern Brisbane
Celebrant Town/ Suburb: Coolangatta
State: Queensland
Phone: 0412410585