Leanne Smith

Marriage Celebrant
Celebrant background: ​I've been a ceremony maker for 13 years, whatever you're planning to celebrate I will work with you to make your special day just perfect for you. I offer a choice of ceremony options to help you stay within your budget. I'm happy to travel for your ceremony and don't mind getting wet feet or the wind in my hair. I will have your back every step of the way as we create the ceremony you want.
My focus is on helping you create a personal, meaningful, relaxed ceremony that will be remembered with a smile. I've assisted at over 800 ceremonies since I was appointed in 2009. Your marriage ceremony is perhaps, the most important part of your wedding day: it’s the reason you are doing all the hard work organising such a wonderful occasion. You have a wedding dream, a picture in your head of what your day will be like and I love working with each couple to make that dream picture a reality. Exchanging your wedding vows will be a memorable beginning to your celebration and to your life as a married couple.
Why I'm a celebrant: Before I became a celebrant, for 26 years I owned and operated a small independent book shop in the coastal Queensland town where I live. I love working with words and being my own boss has always seemed to suit my independent nature. Working in a retail space taught me the importance of good communication and quality customer service. Married for 42 years this October, I share 2 children and 8 grandchildren with my lovely, patient husband, who often does duty as my roadie.

Proposal aside, your wedding ceremony will be the next most exciting and important moments of your life. I do enjoy being part of that moment. For some couples there are no choices to make. They know exactly what they want and just need help from me to make sure everything goes as planned. For other couples the choices in style, ritual, or symbolism, can be overwhelming and they want someone to help them find just the right words for their special day.

I will always work to reflect the unique qualities in each couple's relationship. I am constantly amazed by the creative ideas, unique moments and special little inclusions that couples dream up to include in their ceremonies and I love the stories that we share on the day. I believe in paying attention to the details, keeping it simple and being as flexible as possible to help each couple fulfil their vision of their wedding day. This is the most satisfying job I can imagine!
Treasured memories: So many treasured memories! The grooms who tear up as they catch the first glimpse of their bride, the father of the bride who cried along as well, the mother of the bride who started out as MOBzilla and turned to give me a big thumbs up before leaving the chapel at the end of the ceremony. Travelling through 40 km/hr winds and 4 m seas to a tropical island for the ceremony, watching the heavy rain scud bear down on the bridal party as they made their way along a beach towards the guests. Nearly adult sons looking so very serious as they give their mums away, new dads getting a bit choked up as they promise to be there for ever for their step children. And some of the special rituals just give me goosebumps every time.....
Tips : Do your planning beforehand and make sure you have a realistic "running sheet" for your wedding day. Stay true to what you and your partner want for your day, friends and family will want to help with ideas, just gently remind them you want to do it your way. A civil marriage ceremony gives you lots of scope to personalize. As you walk down the aisle, or watch your partner walk towards you, remember to breathe and then let go of everything else and enjoy your special moment....
and I'd like to say: Thank you in advance if you decide to get in touch with me for a chat. There are so many wonderfully talented celebrants to choose from and I will welcome the chance to talk about your plans before your make your celebrant choice...
Areas serviced: Yeppoon and Capricorn Coast, Rockhampton and Central Highlands, Great Keppel Island
Celebrant Town/ Suburb: Yeppoon
State: Queensland
Phone: 0419 394 844
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