Val Lambert

Values All Love
Celebrant background: I love the Celebrant role and being able to help in creating and officiating a touching, memorable ceremony for my couples and families.
I want to provide a service and ceremony that truely reflects what you want!!!!
My ceremonies can be fun or sombre, or anywhere in between this - whatever you want!!!
No two ceremonies are the same and yours will be unique to you. I will craft a ceremony for your review and then we can edit this until your happy with it's content. We can add unique touches such as a "Ring Warming or Hand Fasting" to your ceremony and personalise with readings. I can offer you ideas and suggestions for inclusion in your ceremony.
I'm happy to answer any questions you may have :-)
Why I'm a celebrant: It has been a dream of mine for many years to become a Celebrant and finally I've followed that dream and become one. 
I chose the name "Values All Love" for two reasons, firstly it's an acronym of my name VAL and secondly as I believe that if you're blessed to have love come into your life that this should be celebrated with those who are important to you in your life.
I believe that life is like a book with many characters coming into your life story at various stages, and the passages of life are like chapters in this book.  I hope you will choose me to be a character in an important chapter of your life's book.
Treasured memories: My most treasured memories are times spend with family and friends celebrating the important milestones in life.
I also fondly look back at the ceremonies I've performed as I feel blessed to have been included in an important milestone in peoples lives.
Tips : Be as prepared as you can be by having a checklist, categorise it in date/time order e.g. monthly leading up to one month before the wedding, then weekly for the next three weeks and in the last week daily/hourly.  Schedule your tasks into this checklist and then you can clearly see when things need to be completed by and tick them off as they're completed.
Ask members of your bridal party or family and friends to assist and share some of the tasks on your checklist.  Most people want to help in any way they can and this can take some of the load off you.
Lastly enjoy the journey, planning and having the celebration come off successfully is your goal but it is YOUR celebration so ENJOY!
and I'd like to say: I'm happy to meet for a no obligation chat so that you can see if I'm the right fit for your ceremony. Please contact me so that we can meet to chat :-)
If you want to see some of the services I've officiated at check out my Facebook page:
Areas serviced: Canberra, Queanbeyan, Goulburn, South Coast, Illawara
Celebrant Town/ Suburb: Googong
State: Australian Capital Territory
Phone: 0419296457
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