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The Retro Celebrant
Celebrant background: Your Wedding day should be an expression of who you are in all your quirkiness and individuality.

It should be a day celebrating your personalities and unique qualities that drew you to each other.

Your Wedding day that marks the exceptional journey you are about to launch into.

I specialise in helping all couples including the alternative couple who want to embrace their individuality.

I support you in your aspirations to make your day fun, happy and memorable.

I specialise in helping all couples including the alternative couple who want to embrace their individuality.

I support you in your aspirations to make your day fun, happy and memorable.
My approach is to embrace who you are and represent your uniqueness on your day.
Why I'm a celebrant: I had wanted to be a celebrant for over 30 years as I have a strong sense of justice and believe we should all have choice. Choice not confined by society values. Being a celebrant who also works in the legal field has fulfilled my desire to help all.

My desire is to help you to be brave and confident enough to do what you want.

Whether a funeral, wedding, naming, it should be done your way.
Treasured memories: My grandmother is my most treasured memory and she helps me be brave enough to follow my dreams.
Tips : So many, but my main one is this. Timing.

“It takes a lot of preparation to make things look effortless”
It is hard to believe that on your special day when, so much planning has taken place that one of the first decisions you made could potentially ruin your day and cause you and everyone attending undue stress.
The time of your wedding on your invitations.
Wedding at 2:00pm.
What does this mean to you?
It means different things to different people. There is no middle road.

To someone who is from an older generation, wedding at 2:00pm means they get to the venue and are sitting down and the bride will be walking down the aisle on or just a few minutes after 2:00pm. To others, wedding at 2:00pm means they start to amble in at 2:00pm and the bride will probably get there around 3:00pm.

There is a big difference in times which means a big difference in costs and the ability for the celebrant to stay an extra hour and the venue to be available for any extra hour, the hire cars an extra hour. This timing issue then pushes the whole day out by an hour including the photographer, caterer, etc etc. This simple scenario may cause a huge amount of unnecessary stress and is worth clarifying upfront in the invitation so that your intentions are very clear as to when the ceremony will start.
Likewise, if you have professional hair and make-up artists, advising them that the ceremony starts at 2:00pm and you will be walking down the aisle at 2:00pm clarifies your position with them. It is far better to get ready early and have some time sitting around in thoughtful and happy banter with your bridal party over a champagne or tea then running late.

The solution:
Writing on your invitations something like:
Be seated by 1:30pm for a 2:00pm ceremony.
Leaves no doubt that guests are to be seated and ready for a 2:00pm start.
It would be simply awful for the guests you spent ages selecting to witness your special day, turn up and the whole ceremony is over, no fault of their own.

Blessings and love
and I'd like to say: I support my couples and families in what they want.
At a recent funeral I was honoured to be asked to conduct the family was brave enough to all turn up in 'Rabbitoh's Jerseys, exactly as the deceased would have wanted it. His way to the end.
Areas serviced: Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Gold Coast Qld by appointment
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