Kids with Cancer Foundation Australia

State: NSW
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The 100% charity -  100% of all direct donations to Kids with Cancer Foundation are passed on to struggling families of kids with cancer and to children's hospitals where they are treated.

No management fees, salaries or any running costs of the Foundation are taken from our 'Gift Account', and that is our promise to cancer families and our supporters.  Our cancer foundation donations are only used for families who are struggling financially, and have a child in one of our Australian children's hospitals being treated for a brain tumor, leukemia and all other childhood cancer, or directly to children's hospitals.

Cancer families must travel to a major city children's hospital to have their child treated for a brain tumor, leukemia or other childhood cancers, and the cost can cripple a family's available income over this treatment period, which is at the least months and usually years.  We have no maximum dollar amount per family/per year as we take each social worker's request on merit when it's received.

Type of charity/non-profit:
  • Cancer
  • Children
For: Children with cancer
Areas serviced: Hospitals around Australia
Based in: Westmead
Postcode: 2145
Phone: Free-call 1800 255522 (inside Australia)