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The Celebrants Network Inc aims:

To promote a full range of inclusive, memorable and meaningful celebrations and ceremonies for every Australian.


Networking - bringing together civil celebrants, celebration suppliers and communities to create unique celebrations.


Our families and communities are stronger when they receive affirmation, love and support at specific stages in their life's journey.

Celebrations and ceremonies, especially those organised by a civil celebrant, can bring people together from different walks of life - different races, religions, cultures- to focus on their common strengths and resources, whilst appreciating their differences.


Anywhere your family or group chooses – homes, community halls, clubs, hotels, restaurants, reception function places, resorts – provided the venue has a safe space for all the senses !


There are many opportunities to honour a loved one or couple including birthdays and anniversaries. The yearly calendar has days such as Mothers', Fathers', Valentine, International Year of ..." days and wells as special holidays such as Australia Day that can be used as a time to celebrate.

The event needs to be planned and organised to ensure maximum benefit for all who attend. The TCN cautions against 'total surprises'. People need to be psychologically ready to participate in an event to be able to fully engage with it and the people present.


Make the celebration a combined gift – everyone contributes in some way to create a gift of priceless worth.
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