Mode of operation

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C.  Mode of Operation.

From the TCN Constitution

(1)  For the smooth running of the association TCN group operations are guided by principles of accessibility and democratic decision making by all group members with the aim of the common group welfare, rotation of “office” for positions of voluntary service, self responsibility, and local group autonomy, except in matters affecting the TCN as a whole.

(2) As such, all members need to be treated with equal respect, acknowledging the value of minority opinion in a democratic society and in developing comprehensive quality approaches to celebrancy and related issues.

(3) Wherever possible, democratic parliamentary principles of decision making and implementation will be the primary mode of operation of TCN Inc such that:

(a) all sub-committees and office bearers are responsible to TCN Inc for the operation of their roles, responsibilities and the review of the services they perform on behalf of TCN Inc;

(b) rotation of office bearers will be a structural part of TCN Inc’s mode of operation, i.e. limited terms for office bearers and other positions of responsibility of TCN Inc members; and

(c) TCN Inc operations will be transparent and accountable to all members.

(4) As a national organization, TCN Inc will use electronic, web-based, and other methods of communication, organization, administration, implementation and review of its activities as its primary mode of operation, and will structure face to face meetings from time to time for the maximum involvement of all TCN Inc members.

(5) All members of this association are responsible via the Annual General Meeting and their contacts on the association’s management committee to provide input and review of the association’s functions.

(6) All association committee members are responsible to participate in the meetings, decision making, and range of tasks required of the committee in the establishment and review of the association’s functions, and the adherence of the rules contained in this Constitution.

(7) The association’s committee via the Public Officer is responsible to ensure an Annual Statement is returned to the Department each year, within a month after the Annual General Meeting, along with the appropriate fee. This simple reporting form, focused primarily on the financial activities of the association, is required to be signed and dated by two management committee members.

(8) The Public Officer, who under the Incorporations Act 1984 does not need to be a member of the association, is the official contact name and address held by the Department of Fair Trading. Thus, the association and the Public Officer are responsible to ensure that Notification of Public Officer and Change of Public Officer forms are submitted to the Department with the appropriate fees.
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