Questions to consider before starting celebrancy training ?

Questions to consider before starting celebrancy training ? Pixabay 96600
Are you ?
  • Keen to work with people and groups in creative and artistic ways
  • Socially and psychologically insightful
  • Confident in public speaking situations
  • Genuinely interested in and caring about people's relationships 
  • Warm and engaging in your personal approach to people
  • Intuitive
  • Responsible
  • Dedicated
  • Conscientious
  • Organised
  • Dependable
  • Intelligent
  • Ethical
  • Mature
  • Compassionate
  • Capable of common sense
  • Able to be self challenging and prepared to learn
  • Capable of a balanced sense of self worth (neither arrogant nor self deprecating)
  • Prepared to work smart and hard for long periods of time
  • More interested in being of service, working creatively and increasing the quality of others experiences than financial reward 
Are you prepared to ?
  • Work with a range of different people, whose attitudes and values may be different to your own
  • Commit to weekend and evening appointments and ceremonies for times at a long distance in advance
  • Be unavailable for your own family and friendship activities and responsibilities, when celebrancy commitments must take precedence
  • Ensure your home office facilities met the Code of Practice Requirements and are maintained to standard, especially for unscheduled contacts
  • Have strangers in your home
  • Build a celebrancy practice in a climate of high competition
  • Develop a Celebrancy Practice Business plan and work at building your position in your local community as a Family or Community celebrant ?
  • Commit finances to the set up costs of a celebrancy practice with no guarantee of reimbursement for a long time ?
  • Face the challenges of the IT age - using computers, digital cameras, using websites, doing internet searches, using email and web forums
  • Face the challenges of the Legal aspects of the Marriage Celebrant role
  • Assume responsibility that all legal documents are dealt with appropriately and Marriage Registration papers forwarded to the appropriate Birth, Deaths and Marriages Registry within two weeks of the marriage
  • Assume responsibility for related legal matters - Copyright, Confidentiality, Occupational Health and Safety issues, Anti-discrimination
  • Enter into other people's lives in a respectful and supportive manner, to ensure their personal, family and social needs are met responsibly, responsively and appropriately
Do you have ?
  • A vision for the place of ceremonies in the everyday lives of Australians
  • An understanding of the importance of ceremonies and celebrations as healthy ways to strengthen individuals, families and build communities
  • A feel for the performing arts and well as verbal and visually based arts
  • A passion for the important role of independent civil celebrant in a multicultural society such as Australia
  • An ethical value system based upon universally agreed civil and human rights
  • A curiosity about other people's lives and the importance of story telling and ritual in the lives of families and communities
  • A desire to be a force for peace and understanding in the world
Do you have ?
  • Excellent health and good physical and mental fitness
  • Suitable homes premises for interviews and small rehearsals
  • A reliable car
  • Computer and other small office business equipment
  • Sufficient income to set-up and support the establishment and development phase of your celebrancy practice.
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