Being a celebrant

Being a celebrant is continuing journey of developing knowledge and skills to serve our communities.

Many of the rites of passage, that were marked by ceremonies, were celebrated in times past by religious celebrants.

The move away from strict religious faiths and observances in the last century and the increase in the multi-cultural nature of Australia, means many families are left with just the "dessert" (food and drinks) and no "main course" (ceremony) in the special occasions they celebrate.

Professional civil celebrants therefore are increasingly wanted to bring more meaning to these occasions in the form of well planned and delivered ceremonies or celebrations.

A professional civil celebrant can look well beyond just marriage ceremonies..

What is your motivation?

  • Do you love being involved in celebrations?
  • Do you want to be of service to your community?
  • Do you see celebrancy as a career that needs the same, or if not more, training, planning and review as any other full time career or profession?
  • Do you want or need to make an income from celebrancy?
  • Do you want or need to work for the next ten years ?

New and longer term celebrants have an opportunity now to pioneer the next stage of celebrancy.

  • Civil celebrants have been providing "Hatchings, Matchings and Dispatchings" for quite a few years now.
  • However there are other ceremonies that need much more development and promotion in our communities.
  • To do this well, we need a common vision and message to our communities.

The modern civil celebrant can promote themselves as the FAMILY celebrant, not as a celebrant providing unrelated ceremonies to a range of ad hoc customers.

  • This website has been developed by celebrants to give other celebrants, who share this vision, the opportunity to work together to promote a variety of celebration opportunities.
  • This website's software was chosen so celebrants could give input - via our  Forums, Blogs, Stories, News etc.
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