Elizabeth Woodburn Died 2000

Elizabeth Alice Woodburn - Melbourne Marriage Celebrant

Appointed 1975 - Died 2000


Elizabeth received her authorisation as a Marriage Celebrant in 1975.  She was still working for the Philips Group in South Clayton in those early days in their administration department. 

A very dignified and elegant lady, her very first ceremony was for a friend at work that was conducted at the bride’s home. 

Ceremonies became increasingly busy over the years as she gained experience in various facets of her responsibilities.  She was extremely conscious of her responsibilities and importance to detail and enjoyed very much her duties as a Celebrant and so many of her ‘couples’ became her friends. 

Her weddings were generally conducted without any disrupting influence with the exception that, on one occasion, she fell into a fishpond. 

She was looked upon as an authority in naming ceremonies, which I understand, was a somewhat new area of celebrants in those earlier years. Elizabeth conducted a number of workshops on this subject.
Elizabeth also conducted a few funeral services but only usually for those she may have married or their family.  She later became a Justice of the Peace.

Elizabeth was secretary of the  The Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants Of Victoria (ACMCV) Inc. for several years and a member of The Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants (AFCC) Inc. 

She passed away peacefully on 23rd February 2000 at the age of sixty four years. Lyn Knorr, Elizabeth’s friend, in her truly professional and caring manner, conducted her funeral service.

Submitted by Ken Woodburn
Husband and Funeral Celebrant Colleague

Author of 'The Funeral Celebrant' - Handbook for New Funeral Celebrants
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