Vale Rod Carter 2011

heart_candle_and_roses_md_clrOver the last decade, I had occasions to get to know  Rod Carter, who was a Perth Celebrant.

Rod would leave a message on the answer-phone of the Celebrant Shop I looked after, with a deep mellow tone - a wonderful voice for a celebrant.

On every occasion, Rod would always invite myself and hubby to visit Perth and avail ourselves of the hospitality of his home.

Finally my husband Steve and myself did visit Perth- myself to attend a WA Conference organised by Carol Astbury and for us both to catch up with a few friends we have in WA.

Nancy and Rod were prefect hosts.  Their home was modern, spacious, comfortable and impeccably tidy. It was obvious how organised Rod and Nancy were.

In fact, Rod had a little wooden file, with cards divided in to weeks, months and years to shedule all his household maintenance tasks. Every week like clockwork, Rod would check his file, do the tasks required and re-allocate the card into its correct spot for whenever was its next time frame for action.

The same meticulous organisation was applied to his wedding work.

s an ex-bank Manager, Rod applied the same high level of conscientiousness, attention to detail and professionalism to his wedding work as he obviously applied to looking about every penny (or cent) that his bank held on trust from its customers.

Rod was a big man with a good sense of humour, and a keen eye for an engagement ring!

Rod told me that when he spied one, he would comment on the style or beauty of the ring, giving his heartfelt congratulations. Then when the woman gave her thanks, Rod would produce his business card with a cheeky grin and a comment along the lines of "Just in case you've not chosen your celebrant yet!"

Not in good health for a long time, Rod was not one to let that interfere with his wedding work. However, he had a diagnosis earlier in the year, and knew his days were numbered. He resigned from the ATCN, though we did email each other and chat occasionally after that.

Rod died on the 15th August 2011, having lived a full and interesting life. I know he will be very sadly missed by family and friends.

For me personally, I too find it sad to hear of a celebrant colleague's death.Even when people do not speak up on forums, Ginny and I come to know many celebrants more personally.

In a way, as isolated workers, celebrants become like family.

As family, I'd like to think that, whilst it is difficult to let dear friends and colleagues go, we as celebrants can acknowledge here in our National Celebrants e_Magazine, a colleague's contribution to our lives and to the fabric of Australian society through their ceremonies.

May we honour Rod's life  and be thankful  for the hospitality, friendship and the memories.

Rona Goold

ATCN Coordinator.

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