Ruth's story "Saying Farewell"

Ruth_Van_GrambergWith over fifteen years of celebrancy memories, Ruth Van Gramberg closes her celebrancy practice and farewells her celebrant colleagues to enjoy the next stage of her life journey - leaving us all the richer for her being in our midst. We take this opportunity to thank Ruth for her generosity of spirit and all the sharing of herself and her poetry through her career. We thank you Ruth and wish you all the very best of days ahead. Please feel free to drop us a line from time to time.

From all the celebrants and families your work has touched.

The Story of Ruth .....

Having left the Financial/Industrial arena in mid 90’s to seek a community orientated career in Celebrancy, Ruth initially commenced with presenting funerals, namings and other ceremonies, whilst awaiting appointment.. In early Feb.1999, Ruth was registered as a marriage celebrant and was determined to focus on its very essence.

Throughout her life, Ruth constantly maintained a great interest in writing and with strong literary prowess, endeavoured to create ceremonies that were personal and unique. Having won several literary awards in Australia and overseas for poetry, presented her compositions on radio programmes - Eastern regions, Victoria, she focussed on individuality for her couples.

As an Authorised Civil Celebrant (Cert IV) and Sessional Lecturer in Celebrancy Cert IV, she pursued `excellence’, although she states very humbly, that she always felt she could be better. She is her worst critic!  Ruth maintained she needed to be more knowledgeable, constantly researching books, libraries and the internet to improve her presentations, whilst simultaneously, reaching out to assist any colleagues who required that special verse or poem to complement a ceremony.  She has a passion for creative writing and is a published poet.  In 2008 Ruth commenced a segment called “Sunday Reflections” whereby she provided hundreds of writings, (mostly wedding related) for the reading pleasure of members of the ACMCV, particularly targeting Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any other significant event. She is also a member of the AFCC, ATCN, ICCA and AMC. Whilst she has won acclaim for poetry and journalism, presented at various soirees around Melbourne and written widely on various subjects for several magazines, etc., she is reluctant to publicise her achievements and shyly comments “there are many, many talented celebrants out there, who deserve more praise”!

She is a well respected Celebrant in Victoria, who has always been on hand to assist or mentor new celebrants whenever possible and always presented in a dignified and professional manner.  A book /CD of verse entitled “Little Pebbles and Stepping Stones”, and The Practical Handbook for Celebrants to Welcome, Celebrate and Farewell were both dedicated and generously donated for the benefit of celebrants around Australia. She has certainly left a footprint behind and sincerely hopes that her contributions have and will continue to assist her wonderful colleagues on their journey.

Ruth, married to husband Sherman, has three children and 6 grandchildren, whom she adores. She states she will always find inner peace and satisfaction in expressing life’s situations as a “wordsmith” and intends to continue writing poetry. Unfortunately, Ruth recently decided to “downsize” her lifestyle from mid October and will no longer continue as a Marriage Celebrant.  She will undertake “other” life’s celebrations, and spend more quality time with her family and states humbly -  “If I have gently touched faint echoes in your soul, I have been blessed…Ruth  She dedicated the following poem to all her colleagues and hopes they will always strive for the ‘X’ factor in each and every ceremony.



This Day is Yours!  by Ruth Van Gramberg       .........

Arise !

Dawn calls you to its threshold

And the hour ahead calls you to your duty.

Each second tiptoed from the darkness into the daylight -

Fresh, timid and pure

Each minute to be held gently in your hands ..

Awaiting your special touch.

A gift, to shake, pattern, prod, mould, launch into the unknown -

As original and bold.

You hold the right to use this hour, it is yours

And all the hours that follow.... yes!

Your decisions lie ahead, untraversed, untamed!

Add your perfection to its outer shell –

shape, caress, stamp or gloriously tint... use the day well!

Each task lies before you ... hurl it into space!

Leap, scream and surface flamboyant as only you can contour its purpose!

Then look back and savour its texture, colour and form

Measure spent moments with courage - criticise or acknowledge.

Dreams accomplished, plans realized - feel ‘Empowered’!

Exhale a deep contented gasp of success!!

It is your right ... you deserve to rest.

As darkness descends unwind, close your eyes in slumber

And live to face - another amazing day!

Published Books

Papers Poems Petals – 1993

Simple Things Special Moments 1994

Kissed by the Sun – 1997

Little Pebbles and Stepping Stones – 2005 – Published AFCC

The Practical Handbook for Celebrants to Welcome Celebrate and Farewell – 2011 – Published AMC


Member – Australian Marriage Celebrants Inc

Member - Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants.

Member – Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants of Victoria

Member – Australian Celebrant and Celebrations Network

Member - Fellowship of Australian Writers and Australian Performing Right Association.

Member – Copyright Council of Victoria.

Winner 2003-04 Award/Finalist (2005-2010)Australian Bridal Industry Academy Award for Excellence.

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