Pamela hangs up her microphone

Pam_HCIt is with regret that the sad day has almost come for me to hang my microphone up.  I have one more ceremony to conduct in April and then I shall notify the MCS.

I remember when Marriage Celebrancy first began in the early seventies and I thought then that it would be a really lovely job.  However I did then have a husband, two small children and a house to run so the years went on and on and it wasn’t until the early 2000’s that I decided to investigate how one could become a marriage celebrant.

I was living in Melbourne at the time and saw an advertisement in the Melbourne age on becoming an MC.  I applied and after my application was accepted I was required to sit before a panel or two for assessment and then finally the tutor whom I met for final approval. 

For three months I attended training sessions at Victoria University where we studied CHCMCEL 401A Plan, Conduct and Review a Marriage Ceremony – Certificate 1V in Marriage Celebrancy (CHC41502).  It was very exciting for me as I was on the way to fulfilling one of my dreams.  We studied not only marriages, but funeral, naming, commitment and vow renewal ceremonies.

On occasions the class would meet at a given venue out in the field where would conduct allocated ceremonies (homework) and there was no negotiation with what we were given.  It was lots of fun and of course entertainment for the general public who happened to be passing by.  I completed the course on 20th April, 2005.

The graduation was such a fun night with a number of us looking forward to the future in our new roles.  We were proudly presented with our certificates by Dally Messenger who gave a very encouraging speech.

I returned to the Gold Coast and was registered to conduct marriage ceremonies from the 8th September, 2006.

My first ceremony took place on a farm in the beautiful Currumbin Valley and it was wonderful day.  I conducted a hand-fasting ceremony of which I had done lots of research.  I haven’t looked back and have enjoyed every ceremony ever since.

Finally, I would say the most memorable ceremony was conducted in April 2012.  This took place in a beautiful park on the Gold Coast.  Not one that I recall favourably but none-the-less one to remember.  The groom was still married to another and after hearing from the original wife I went into disbelief mode, feeling quite sick to pit of my stomach I contacted all the relevant departments who confirmed that I had crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s.  All ID was checked and declarations signed and witnessed by me.  Fortunately I am a stickler for the rules.

Lesson:  Always ensure that you check all identification, paperwork and have all relevant documents and declarations completed correctly so that the onus doesn’t fall on you.

My decision is the result of enquiry dropping dramatically and it is not feasible to continue due to the fact that the outgoings are far exceeding the income.  I will now spend my time playing golf two or three days a week including Saturdays  (yee haa) and visiting my family in Sydney.

I have met some wonderful people during this period and wish everyone all the best for the future.


Pam Humble-Crofts  (almost ex A7771)

This section is a way for

  • those who are leaving to share some of their experiences and wisdom with others and
  • a way for us, as the celebrant community, to acknowledge the contribution of a colleague's service to their community and the fabric of our Australian way of life.

The Celebrants and Celebrations Network is an online "virtual" community - like love, our community lives in the minds and hearts of members. No less real or important for being "virtual".

flowers_form_a_heart_md_clrWhilst you are no longer a celebrant, remember that our TCN Inc association does take as members, non celebrants from the community who support our TCN Inc objectives. Should you miss us too much then give thought to joinging the TCN Inc. :-)

Pamela, please accept the bunch of "virtual" flowers :-)

And we take this opportunity to thank you for your friendship and for your work with others in assisting them to honour those precious times of change in their life's journey. We wish you good health and all the best for the next leg of your journey.

Rona Goold
TCN Coordinator

Editor's note:

Do you know someone who has moved on from celebrancy? Perhaps they would like to share their experiences with our readers as well.Everyone's story is important.Please encourage them to contact us.

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