Commonwealth Marriage Celebrant Program - Update June 23rd 2013

The following information is provided for celebrants in case the Marriage Amendments Bills be passed.

In principle the Marriage Act Amendments would mean

  • An  Annual Fee (of $240 or up to $600) will be required to be paid within 30 days of the date of the Invoice, if an Exemption to Pay the Fee has not been granted.
  • An Exemption to Pay the Fee must be applied for within 21 days of the date on the Invoice.
  • An Exemption to Pay the Fee will cost $30, and is not guaranteed but dependent upon a number of factors. A refund will not be given if an Exemption is not approved.
  • Failure to pay the fee in the designated time, will result an automatic loss of Marriage Celebrant appointment.
  • The Department will have no discretionary power make any special allowances for late payment.
  • To regain their appointment, If the Marriage Celebrants  loses this through non-payment of the fee, the celebrant will be required to make a new Application for Appointment, pay a fee of $600 and meet the appointment training and other requirements in force at the time. The latter may also mean extra expense if the celebrant does not have the required level of training.

Please note:

  • For the years 2014-2014, marriage celebrants will have 60 days to pay the annual fee
  • See more information provided by the Marriage Law and Celebrant Section to CoCA.

All marriage celebrants are reminded to visit the Marriage Law and Celebrant Section website  regularly to view any changes.