Attorney General's Department Cost Recovery Report - June 2012

The time for the release of the Attorney Genera's Department Report into Cost Recovery draws closer. CoCA celebrant associations are keen to see what the impact of their comprehensive submission to government will be.

  • How many of the CoCA recommendations will be adopted and in what way?
  • What will be the impact on current celebrants?
  • And future celebrants?

The The Celebrants Network Inc also made a comprehensive submission addressing ways the the Marriage Act could be improved to bring the Marriage Act into this century whilst still meeting government concerns for ensuring identity checks and ensuring that the marriage is valid.

The expected release is mid-July 2012. There will be  a short peroid in which marriage clelebrants will be able to response to the Cost Recovery Impact Statement (CRIS).

The CRIS is required to identify the services the Marriage Law and Celebrany Section will be providing for Commonwealth Appointed Marriage Celebrants, what the costs of those services will be and how those monies will be applied, and recouped.

The Coalition of Celebrant Associations CoCA will be preparing a response to that Report and all celebrants are encouraged to check the following websites for the latest news around that time, if you do not receive a notice from the Department:

You are also encouraged to provide feeback via your own associations, to CoCA and/ or the websites above.

It is a very trying time for all Commonwealth celebrants. So many celebrants, longer term and new, through no fault of their own, have been affected by massive changes in policy and administrative mechanisms in this last decade.

Fingers crossed that common sense and respect for our roles will be forth-coming!