Same Sex marriage bills - February 2012

On Monday 13th Feb, two bills were introduced into the Parliament regarding gay marriage.

Effectively they both are the same. Both call for equality for gay couples to marry and both allow for private religious organisations to not be required to marry anyone they do not wish to. This will mean that those churches or religious organisations that are not yet ready to change will be able to move towards change in their own time and in their own way.

The only difference I can see is those putting the bills to Parliament. One is Stephen Jones (Labor) and the other is Adam Bandt (Greens). The Bandt bill is co-sponsored by Alan Wilkie (Independent)

Adam Bandt has said on his website :

"What we cannot do is seek to have any one party own this issue because, with the government and Labor divided on the issue, we will need members of goodwill from the coalition benches to get this through. That is why, if we are to have a successful chance at reform this year, we must proceed softly and carefully and aim to work together with members from all sides of the House, from all backgrounds."

For the complete picture see :

Stephen Jones : 

Adam Bandt : 

Both bills are expected to take a few months even to get to the voting stage!

Helen Rice
National e_Magazine Editor.

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