OPD News May 2012

WARNING: To all civil and non-aligned religious marriage celebrants

Feedback from the last OPD Monitoring Meeting, is that the Marriage Law and Celebrant Section (MLCS) has said that from February 2012 they would be sending out letters to anyone who had not completed OPD in 2012. 

From last year the MLCS have a much improved system of transferring data over from the OPD spreadsheets to their system. The MLCS has been made aware that some celebrants are saying they will not do OPD for a couple of years, and just resign/retire/get sacked when the fee is introduced. These celebrants report that there has been no consequences much for people not doing OPD in the past and that they should be safe.

The Department is taking this very seriously, and now with all of the data from 2011, will begin the process shortly of following up marriage celebrants with non-compliant OPD histories with the view review their registration suitability.

2012 ongoing professional development arrangements

Reminder: fulfilling your 2012 Celebrant OPD Obligations

Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrants are reminded that they must undertake five hours ongoing professional development (OPD) each registration year (1 January–31 December).

OPD must be completed through one of the registered training organisation on the OPD panel.

Further information is available from the Marriage Law and Celebrant Section ongoing professional development page.


  1. The TCNA (ATCN) is NOT an OPD provider - information here and on the OPD Calendar is for your convenience so you have a good overview of what is on offer.
  2. However, changes do occur - so it is your responsibility to check the relevant websites.
  3. Do NOT leave your OPD to the end of the year November - it is very risky and December is very likely too late.
  4. All exemptions must be approved in advance and so booking too late may not be acceptable!

OPD DISCOUNTS for Financial TCNA (ATCN) Celebrants 2012

Celebrants and Celebrations Network Australia - TCNA is pleased to announce all three OPD Providers this year have agreed to offer discounts to TCNA Celebrant Members for Face to Face Courses.

OPD Provider Fee Discount TCNA celebrants pay
AssentTEC $ 195 - $ 40 
$ 155
Australian Celebrations Training $ 165 - $ 25
$ 140
Gordon TAFE $ 190 - 10%
$ 171
Gordon allow offers 10% on Distance and Online Education ($16 Discount)  
Distance and Online Fees:  
OPD Provider Fee Discount TCNA celebrants pay
AssentTEC     Hard copy/ posted $160.00 
Soft copy/ emailed $140.00
Australian Celebrations Training     Posted booklets (5 hours) $150
E-books (5 hours) $120
Gordon TAFE $160 - 10%

Remember these discounts make TCNA membership even more valuable!


The TCNA is pleased to let celebrants know that all the OPD options are now loaded in our Calendar


This means you can see the full year program in one once. Our special thanks to National Committee Member Barry Blundell for loading most of this information.


  • The TCNA is NOT an OPD provider - so please contact individual providers noted in each event.
  • Also Gordon TAFE will be answering inquires then taking enrolments AFTER beginning of March 2012.

The TCNA Information for Celebrant Section also carries the following information for your assistance.

Overview of Approved OPD for Celebrants
OPD DISCOUNTS for Financial TCNA (ATCN) Celebrants 2012
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