The benefits of belonging to an incorporated association

As an incorporated association, The Celebrants Network Inc is a legal entity which is held accountable to its members and the public in its operations. Our network, under its previous name, has been providing services to celebrants and raising public awareness of ceremonies and celebrations since 2008.

It is an association run by its members for the benefit of its members.

Incorporation means members' fees and any other income must be used to meet the aims set out in the association's constitution.  The Treasurer must report the financial position to members via the Annual General Meeting.

The Celebrants Network Inc uses its forum software to ensure that all members, regardless of where they live in Australia, are able to communicate  with each other and participate in its annual and special meetings. 

Members also have opportunities to serve on the Management Committee, and to participate in special projects. 

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What is incorporation?

Incorporation is a voluntary means of creating a legal identity.  Through incorporation the association becomes in the eyes of the law a legal body which allows the group to:

  • Continue to exist regardless of the change to the membership;
  • Take legal action in its own name and also allows others to sue the association rather than individual members
  • Buy, sell and own property
  • Borrow money
  • Enter into contracts
  • Apply for government grants 
  • Accept gifts and legacies under a Will
  • Limits the liability of members

This means an incorporated celebrant association and its operations 

  • are held accountable under law
  • made transparent to its members
  • uses its funds to meet its objectives as outlined in its Constitution
  • are over-sighted by its members via Annual General Meetings and Special General meetings. 

Reference and further reading: Community Door  


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