Appendix 1 Certificate of Adulthood / Australian Citizenship


This document certifies that on this day

Chris  J  Citizen

acquired the age of 18 years

Thereby acquiring the status of Adult under laws conferred by
the Commonwealth, States and Territories of Australia and
the rights and responsibilities associated with that status


An adult citizen of Australia may:

• sign and witness legal documents
•  enter into contracts including lease, mortgage or workplace contractual obligations
•   spend one’s own money as one chooses
•   invest or gamble one’s own money
•  be held accountable for any breach of contract or law
•  give consent for any medical treatment or refuse to give such consent
•  may donate a kidney or other organ under certain conditions
•  buy or be licensed to sell or dispense alcohol or nicotine
•   use nicotine or alcohol, within the limits set by law, for associated behaviours
such as using a motor vehicle
•  be tried in a court of law and go to an adult goal if convicted
•   run for elected Office in Australia
•  give consent to being sexual with another consenting adult
•  freely enter into marriage or civil union
•   defend own country by joining the military without a parent’s permission
•   make a will outlining one’s wishes for any property distribution

•   choose one’s own religion or not, as one determines


An adult citizen of Australia is responsible to:

•   adhere to all Commonwealth, State and Territory laws governing the behaviour of adults
within their responsibilities, including being responsible to
•    register as an elector to vote and thereby be placed on a list as eligible for jury duty
•    provide child support for any of one’s offspring
•   respect the freedoms, rights and biological, physical and other property of citizens
regardless of age, sex, gender, nationality and religion

Dated this day ____________________of   in the year of  _________________

Signed:   ________________________ 

Commonwealth Authorised Civil Celebrant
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