Appendix 2 Commonwealth Government Statement of Marriage

Appendix 2


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Commonwealth Government Statement of Marriage

Marriage according to Australian law, is the union of two people to the exclusion of all others, entered into voluntarily for life. (Marriage Act 1961).

All marriage celebrants, whether religious or civil, are appointed under the Marriage Act of Australia and as such are required to perform certain duties on behalf of the Attorney General, including reminding couples intending to be married of the solemn, the serious and binding nature of the relationship into which they are about to enter.

The Australian Government on behalf of the Australian community requires all couples notifying intent to marry to be aware that:
  1. Marriage is an extremely important legally binding contract into which couples enter.
  2. Marriage has importantly family, social, financial, personal and other consequences.
  3. Couples are expected to financially, emotionally sand socially support each other and any children of their union to the best of their abilities.
  4. Marriage does not give any individual any rights to ignore or break other laws, particularly those that related to physical, sexual, emotional and other harassment and violence,
  5. The Australian Government expects that couples will do whatever they can to:
    i.  build and maintain their relationships (eg relationship & parenting support)
    ii. Should difficulties arise, seek support services, such as child support services  and 
  6. The Australian Government is concerned about
    i. the social, financial and other costs of divorce,  and 
    ii expects couples and the community to work towards reducing marriage breakdown and
       as a consequence, the levels of divorce in the community.
We the undersigned verify that our celebrant Authorised No:  ______________________

who is a member of  ____________________________________Church / Association of

address ___________________________________  and phone ________________  has :

  1. read and explained the above information to us both
  2. has explained the range of Pre-Marriage Education and Relationship Building programs available locally and given us information about our local agencies
  3. explained how we may comment, should the need arise on the quality of the service we receive from our celebrant.

    Names & signatures etc

Feedback & Concerns about Celebrants may be directed to:

Church or Celebrant Association listed above or

Formal Complaints can be directed to:
The Registrar of Marriage Celebrants
Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department
Robert Garran Offices
National Circuit

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