Appendix 9: Example Data for Upgraded MLCS Website

To collect:

Data Base

Contact Information


Other Contact Info:

Drivers licence number:

*Class of celebrant:
  • Recognised Religious
  • Services Chaplains
  • Independent Religious MC
  • Independent Civil MC
Professional Support
  • Celebrant Association
  • Religious Organisation
Background Information:
Date of Birth:

Highest level of education:
Give details

Previous employment for more than 2 years:
Give details:

Celebrant Training
  • None
  • Pre-2003
  • 2003-2010
Give details:


Give details:


Annual Returns

Wedding Statistics
  • No weddings in for each each quarter
  • No in language other than English
  • No at home venue
  • No within 30kms radius from home
  • No within 100kms radius from home
  • No over 100 kms

1. Contact Details.
Any change of contact information?
  • Yes / No
  • If yes then please change
The celebrant could be responsible to update their own details

2. OPD Compliance

Celebrants to record OPD completed.
Send in forms for confirmation? Or upload scanned documents

The ML&CS needs to publish a list of approved OPD activities on the new website
- with CODES like what was done prior to 2010.

The Celebrant made responsible to put in the CODE of the educational activity done,
and send in evidence of Compliance with OPD.

Section 45, 46, 47 – not required as changes to the Act will remove difficulties.

3. Evidence of duty of care

Every authorised marriage celebrant is to demonstrate a certain level of duty of care to the marrying public and specifically to those couples they marry,
ie be required to answer a set of questions that relate to this issue.

For example:
  • Membership of a celebrant association, network, organisation, institution etc.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance cover Y / N
  • Public Liability Insurance cover Y / N
  • Copyright Licence cover Y / N
    (to cover  of any materials of which they are not the author and/ or f
    or materials for which they have not gained the specific approval from the author for the use of the material in whatever format
    in which it is intended to be used eg. stored in a computer, emailed to others, printed in memento copies or celebrant's ceremony planners, printed in couple's programs for quests etc.)
  • Arrangements for extreme weather conditions Y / N
  • Couples provided with celebrant’s Terms and Conditions Y / N
  • Couples provided with Invoices Y / N
  • Couples provided with Receipts Y / N
  • Code of Practice Y / N
  • Complaints procedures Y / N

The MLCS Website

Having an upgraded Marriage Website should allow for a comprehensive sections for:
  • Celebrants Only
  • The General Public
Both Sections could be utilised by the Attorney General’s Department and other Government Departments to include
  • any relevant information that would assist in increasing marriage celebrants general and
  • specialised knowledge about issues and factors that affect marriage, children and family life.
Topics could include:

Getting Married, Marriage, Marriage Related Services, Divorce, Divorce Related Services, Relationship Education and Parenting, with links to relevant websites etc.
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