A.2 What are key characteristics of a profession?

Characteristics of a Profession:

Reference: Wikipedia
  • Public service and altruism:
  • Legitimacy:
  • High status and rewards:
  • Code of professional conduct or ethics:
  • Skill based on theoretical knowledge
  • Institutional training:
  • Licensed practitioners:
  • Work autonomy:
  • Individual clients:
  • Professional association:
  • Extensive period of education:
  • Testing of competence:
  • Control of remuneration and advertising:
  • Mobility:
  • Self-regulation:
  • Exclusion, monopoly and legal recognition:
  • Male-dominated:
  • Middle-class occupations:
  • Inaccessible body of knowledge:
  • Indeterminacy of knowledge:
  • Ritual:

Note: Order and italics for consideration as to the continued evolution of civil celebrancy as a profession.


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