There are many ways to increase your knowledge, skills and attitudes / values in relation to your celebrancy practice.

Professions use the term 'continuing professional development', not 'ongoing' which appears to be a term used for the lower sector VET courses.

Professional development can take many forms: formal programs of education (e.g..diplomas, degrees); online discussion groups*; distance learning; seminars, workshops,  conferences; giving presentations at conferences;  development or presentation of continuing professional development material ; pro bono work; continuing professional development  completed with other professions; mentoring; voluntary work;  reading journals/articles; conducting a literature search;  reviewing books or articles; authorship;  updating knowledge through the Internet or TV; keeping a file of your progress; participating in a committee; membership of other professional bodies or groups; 

* Active participation in TCN forums is one way to expand your lnowledge without huge impacts on your time, if you visit each day to read contributions.

Remember to check out the general information on Professional Development in the Celebrants section.