Private mail box

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Tthe User Control Panel Section has some information on Private Messages with updated images.

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* Remember to

CP PrivateMail*

Click on FORUMS

* Click on USER CONTROL PANEL - under the BOARD INDEX on the left hand side


   Here there are 6 parts :
  • Compose Message - which is your new message function
  • Manage PM draft - which is your drafts folder
  • In box
  • Out box
  • Sent messages
  • Rules folders and settings - where you can customise your mail further

* The Private Mail Box will Open at COMPOSE MESSAGE

compose mail

* Click on INBOX if you have mail, and

* Click on the heading of the mail to read the post


REPLY to a message as you would from your email box.

* OUTBOX looks like this


* SENT BOX looks like this


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