How to use a forum poll to vote at AGM

How to use a forum poll to vote at AGM Pixabay 885542
Our apologies. Some forum images here have not yet been updated to match the new mobile friendly format. This notice will be removed when completed. Contact us if you have any hassles.


Click in the AGM Forum

May initially look like this at the beginning of the voting:
See the motions in order from the bottom up - 1 to 5

It's suggested you take your time:

When the AGM commences - start with Attendance then do Motion 1,2,3,4,5 and sign off.

The order of these topics will change as others make their votes or comments.

AGM before

Click the topic requiring a vote eg:

motion4 650

Read any instructions

Choose your Vote for that motion

Submit Vote

example agm poll vote 1


The web poll will tally the results as people vote - clever eh?

AGM vote tally

Note how the topics will change position during the voting period. 

AGM during after

You can follow your voting either under the LAST POST or if someone else is online with you, clicking into a topic to see if you have voted.

The software will not let you vote twice - so if you see a results tally you have votes

Contact us, if this is not clear or you have any hassles.

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