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In using any TCN Celebrant Forums, you

  • acknowledge that you have already agreed to Terms and Conditions in registering for this TCN website
  • are agreeing to observe these rules below

The TCN website offers forums for:

  • independent civil celebrant members
    - to work together to promote a range of family based and community ceremonies and celebrations.
    - via several forums, each with a different focus.
  • Posts by independent celebrant members must include the name and location (suburb, state) of sender - set up signature in User Control Panel.

Under no circumstances are users to

  • defame or break copyright (text, images, audio-visuals) in any way
    • Defamation is a serious issue and must be avoided.
    • Legal requirements relating to Copyright, Trade Practices, Slander and Defamation and any other legal responsibilities of citizens must be observed
    • Posts containing content of other author's work must not be posted in TCN Forums..
    • The TCN-CAL Group Copyright Licence Forum is the appropriate place for the exchange of copyrighted material.
    • A CAL licence can be purchased via our TCN Celebrant Shop. Also TCN members who have purchased the CAL-Celebrant Licence from another association may ask permission to join our TCN-CAL Copyright Licence forum.
    • If you are a celebrant who is part of the TCN-CAL Group Copyright Licence, you must observe the Copyright Licence Rules and restrict discussions to the sharing of copyrighted materials ONLY

  • be rude, offensive or obscene
    • ie courteous, respectful and friendly communication at all times.

  • advertise or promote specific products or services, including those offered by other celebrant associations.
    • (Note: Members who have a paid listing in our TCN Directory as a supplier of goods and services (other than celebrancy services) may add that information discretely to their Signature in the Forums, and respond to a post for information provided they make clear their potential conflict of interest.)

  • promote specific religious, political or other beliefs

  • be critical of a specific celebrant, product or service provider.
    • Constructive criticism of propositions only. Provide reasons for alternative view points. No negative comments about people (or companion animals)

  • forward on forums posts to any otherperson.
    • Note: Posts or emails from TCN Members ONLY digests must not be forwarded to anyone, without TCN's explicit permission AND the author of the email. Let us know if this happens This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

      In addition:

  • All posts must be relevant to ceremonies, celebrations and / or celebrants.
    • Discussion of political and religious matters need to be confined to issues of relevance to celebrancy and posted on the TCN Inc forums.

  • No chain letters, begging material, jokes or cute sayings not relevant to forums' purpose.

  • All individuals are responsible and encouraged to contribute in some way and to direct responses within the group, not in private emails where ever possible.

  • No corrections of typos or spelling mistakes, unless accuracy is relevant.

  • The communication on this email line is the legal and ethical responsibility of the sender, as the forums are provided as a service to the general public and TCN members.
    • It is your responsibility to assess the validly, legality and appropriateness of any communication posted here and accept the consequences of the use of any material here ie acknowledge the information shared here may not be legally, ethically or in any other way correct or useful
    • each person is responsible to exercise their own judgment and seek appropriate professional legal and other advice as required.
  • TCN  accepts no responsibility for the individual communications between or by individuals, members and others.

    • However anyone who receives any unwanted, distasteful, offensive or harassing personal emails should NOT respond to that person, but forward the email to us immediately  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Advertising Rules for TCN Forums

  • The Email Discussion Forum may be on occasions used to be used to tell other members about one’s own or friends’ products and services, provided this relationship is acknowledged publicly and there is a paid listing of the product and service in the TCN directory.

  • The TCN is especially interested in knowing of any products and services that could be encouraged to list with us and thus make our network more viable.


  • everyone can view the Community Forums for the general public without logging in
    • to make a post, you will need to register - you choose your own username and password and join the TCN
      NB: You need to agree to TCN Inc Terms and Conditions in registering for this website
  • then LOGIN
    • ensure you have your USERNAME and PASSWORD are  recorded somewhere easily accessible so you can remember where to find it if you forget !!
    • visit our comprehensive detailed forum information section on how to set up and use our Foums Section.
TCN Inc National Committee
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