How to reply to posts

How to reply to posts Pixabay 972947
Remember to LOG IN  

Click on FORUMS


Click the FORUMS - Members click twice if you cannot see the MEMBERS ONLY FORUM.

CCN menu bar

Access each Forum by clicking on the Forum or Subforum NAME

Click the Forums NAME

forums lo2

Find the TOPIC you want

Click on the Topic NAME

Forum Topic


Click reply post

Choose an ICON, type MESSAGE, use EDITOR to bold, underline etc, use Smilies if wished


NB You can EDIT or DELETE post later 

TIP:  If your response is going to take some time to type, then

A. Type in an email or word file then Copy & Paste across


B. Click SUBMIT regularly

 type post 1

View your post when published
click submitted message

Click icons to EDIT or DELETE if needed

Note: you will be able to edit your post, provided someone else has not added another post since doing yours.

 post changes 700

Click SUBMIT to save changes

Contact us if you have any hassles

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