Grandparent day

Grandparents are giving more of their time these days to help with childcare.

So just as we can use special days to celebrate our Mothers and Fathers, we can also use Grandparents Day to honour the role of our grandparents in our lives.

It seems that Grandparents Day is celebrate on different days in Australia and around the world.

NSW Grandparents Day celebrates the contributions grandparents and older people make to their families and communities.

New South Wales held their first Grandparents' Day on 30 October 2011, and planned to celebrate it each year on the last Sunday of October.

Queensland celebrates Grandparents' Day on the first Sunday in October.

The Australian Capital Territory held their first Grandparents' Day in 2012.

Western Australia held their first Grandparents' Day in 2012. 

Reference: Wikipedia article

Do a web search to find the date of Grandparents Day in your Australian State or Territory.


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