why celebrate father with ceremony?

Celebrate and thank fathers on special occasions Celebrate and thank fathers on special occasions Pixabay 656734

Because Fathers like mothers deserve thanks for their role in their family too.

Perhaps even more so, in these days of change of men and women roles.

Fathers give of themselves also in many ways. Some fathers perhaps in the more traditional role of bread winner, perhaps as a less traditional "dad", perhaps as single father, 

Give a Fathers’ Day Gift that is special and unique!

Within the very busy and time poor world of today, seldom do we take the time to honour some of the vital and important ‘things and people’ in our everyday lives.

True we celebrate Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, and so on, but when it comes to expressions of love and gratitude to certain people, especially our parents, and particularly our Mothers . . . we are inclined to fall into the ‘commercial trappings’ . . . for up until now, there have been few alternative options.

Father’s Day is an opportunity for a personalised and meaningful ceremony and celebration to honour your Father, Father-in-law, Grandfather, Great-grandfather, Foster Fathers, “Adopted” Father…. in fact it can be any man who has fulfilled that important role of ‘fathering’ in your life.

Ceremonies allow us to take time out to reflect, to praise, to uphold and convey our expressions of deep gratitude and love. From the small and intimate to the large, traditional or alternative, a professional civil celebrant will work with you in providing a Memorable Father’s Day.

The Celebrants Network members honour the “fathering” role and its importance

  • focus on the responsibilities of fatherhood
  • thank those men who are our fathers, or who have provided a ‘fathering’ presence in our lives, and
  • pay tribute to thoseomen who are no longer with us, but whose influence still is embedded in the fabric of our being.

Celebrate with ceremony…..we offer a unique range of personal and community ceremonies for all occasions.

There are three major ways such ceremonies could be held:

  • Thank You To Father ceremony – For individual fathers or grandfathers. Organised by the family engaging an independent civil celebrant to coordinate and deliver a ceremony as a combined gift
  • Thank You To Fathers ceremony – For groups of fathers – Organised by service clubs, non-profit and other organisations hiring a independent civil celebrant to coordinate and deliver the ceremony as both a gift to those present and/ or as a fund-raising event
  • Fathering Memorial Ceremony – For groups of children and grandchildren of fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers who have died. Organised by independent civil celebrants. Profits from donations from attendees to be given to a specific charity or non-profit association whose primary aims are to support men with children.

These personalised “Thank You To Fathers” ceremonies conducted by civil celebrants are a relatively new concept.  The Celebrant Netwoek invites you to work with us in suggesting or developing suitable:

  • Poetry
  • Prose
  • Music
  • Symbols

for Australian ceremonies and celebrations.

Check out this section further. Articles on Ceremonies for Mothers will apply to Fathers too, perhaps with some slight adaptations

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