when and where

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to  hold the ceremony ?

A Mother's Day ceremony is ideal for a ‘community‘ approach to the holding of ceremonies and celebrations.

TCN suggests that the fee for the celebrant be a combined group gift from all the guests.

Similarly the cost of food and drink to accompany the ceremony should take account of the financial resources of all the people involved.

  • Some families may choose a picnic area or community hall with the guests bringing a plate and their own drinks.
  • Others may hire a room at the local club and have refreshments catered to suit
  • Other groups may hire a reception or function centre, or even an exclusive restaurant depending on their circumstances.

Timing can also affect cost and the comfort of the guest/s of honour and others. 

Why not consider

  • 11am ceremony followed by lunch
  • 2 pm ceremony followed by afternoon tea
  • 5 pm ceremony followed by dinner
  • 7.30 ceremony followed by supper (if predominately younger groups)

Late nights are more problematic for a gathering of mixed ages which usually is the case with most family groups.  Try to select a time which will suit the majority of the participants.

Having the ceremony and speeches first, allows older people or those with young families to leave earlier without missing the most important part of the celebration.

What ever you choose, of primary importance is ensuring that

  • there is a suitable space for the ceremony to be held
  • there are chairs for all the guests
  • guests will be comfortable in extremes of weather – heat, cold, wind, rain.


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