guest of honour too shy?

guest of honour too shy? Pixabay 829308

But my Mother is too shy and wouldn’t want a fuss !

Yes a lot of mothers will say that. Some because:

  • most ‘mothers’ know they are supposed to be selfless and giving, without seeking rewards for themselves
  • many people believe it is being ‘big headed’ to want or enjoy praise
  • knowing how much hard work goes into a special event, ‘mothers’ want to spare others those difficulties and / or expense
  • a lot of people do find being put on the spot or the centre of attention, difficult

Occasionally there could be a ‘mother’ who is introverted and shy !

But does that have to stop your family from having a special time together to say “Thank You” in the form of a ceremony ?

If you explain your concerns to your celebrant, there are ways to ensure that the guest of honour is put at ease.

Think of the TV show “This is your Life” .

  • The surprise is only about ‘being on the program’ not the program itself. The guest of honour is always better dressed and made up for the show. You can give your mother some indication that something special is planned.
  • And besides the guest of honour is sat to the side and not centre stage. Usually too, partners or close family members join them on the couch.

Another option is to consider a ‘generations of motherhood’ ceremony, where perhaps grandmothers and others mothers in the family group could all be honoured in a ceremony.

Either way there are also opportunities for family members and friends to participate in readings or symbols. Younger members may like to have the opportunity to show their musical or dramatic talents!

The celebrant may arrange for family members to create a special “Appreciation Album” where their words of appreciation and treasured memories can be recorded, along with photographs of family members with ‘Mum’ or ‘Gran’.

Such a book can become a treasured gift as it can be enjoyed at leisure long after the special day.

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