too late this year ?

too late this year ? Pixabay 334955

to organise a ceremony for Mothers Day? or Fathers Day? or Grandparents Day?

Mothers and Fathers also have Birthdays and many have Wedding Anniversaries, and there are other special days in the year to celebrate a special person in your life.

For example, Fathers Day – it takes two to tango … a Mum & Dad ceremony may be a little less threatening to both or your Mother may have been both Mum and Dad to you over the years.

Or a quirky “St Patrick’s Day” – Well St Patrick must have had a mother! and a father!

With a little creativity and a good celebrant, the TCN  is confident that your family can find a special occasion to honour the “mother or mothers” or the  “father or fathers” in your lives.

World Population Day (11 July ); International Day of Older Persons (1 October); Universal Children’s Day (20 November ) …

International Women’s Day 8th March .. all are options as an alternative to Mother's Day in May.

International Men’s Day 19th November .. all are options as an alternative to Father's Day in September.

And there is always next year to work towards.

Choose a TCN Celebrant now and start planning :-)

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