mothers day memorials

mothers day memorials Pixabay 382405

What about those mothers, grandmothers and others who have mothered and who have died, yet live on in our thoughts and hearts?

“Mothers Day Memorial ceremonies”

The Celebrants Network encourages our members to hold community based Mothers Day Memorial ceremonies to:

  • honour the “mothering” role and its importance
  • focus on the responsibilities of motherhood
  • thank those women who are our mothers, or who have provided a ‘mothering’ presence in our lives, and
  • pay tribute to those women who are no longer with us, but whose influence still is embedded in the fabric of our being.

“Mothers Day Memorial” Ceremonies are for groups of children and grandchildren of mothers, grandmothers great grandmothers who have died.

One great option is for attendees to donate to a specific charity or non-profit association whose primary aims are to support women with children.

There are as any many different ways of designing a Memorial Ceremony as there are celebrants and people to work with them.

Celebrants from The Celebrants Network can work with you and your family or community group to design a ceremony that meets your needs

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