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An anniversary is the recurrence of a date marking a notable event in our lives.

Mostly these events have great personal significance:
  • the bringing of love and joy
  • the granting of peace and fulfillment
  • the bestowing of success or gratitude
  • the acknowledgment of service and sacrifice
  • the honouring of courage in the face of suffering and pain
  • the need for family and community support in dealing with our grief and loss
  • making and honouring commitments we make to ourselves, other people, places or projects.
Creating a special ceremony is a wonderful way to give full expression to these values.

There are a number of life's events we celebrate:
  • personal ones such as our birthdays, wedding anniversaries, memorials
  • natural events such as the changes of the seasons, New Year,
  • social ones such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day,
  • national events such as Queen's Birthday, Australia Day, ANZAC Day,
  • religious ones such as Easter, Christmas, Hallows' Eve,
  • cultural events such as St Patrick's

This website gives many ideas for ceremonies to celebrate special days.

The most common anniversaries that families celebrate, besides birthdays, are wedding anniversaries.

However there are many special days in the year we can use to celebrate someone or some value we treasure. 

A professional civil celebrant can assist you to enjoy a memorable and meaningful ceremony as part of the celebration.  The role of a celebrant would be to:

  • work with the group to plan the ceremony for its form and content are psychologically and socially appropriate
  • lead and guide the ceremony through its various stages to a fitting conclusion.

Ceremonies are usually followed by some food and drink, again appropriate to the situation.

Depending on where such an event is held, such a meal could be a picnic, an BYO luncheon or afternoon tea in a community hall or catered for by a restaurant or function centre. 
Your TCN celebrant will be happy to work with you to create a ceremony for any celebration 

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