Party with a Purpose - Introduction

Party with a Purpose - Introduction Pixabay 880504

A Party With a Purpose is simply

  • a party with a ceremony (celebrant facilitated)
    and/ or
  • a party with fund-raising aim

= a special celebration

 TCN Inc Party with a Purpose project aims to encourage families, groups and organisation to show appreciation to a loved one, community member or community organisation.

TCN recommends families have quality time together*, by adding a ceremony to

  • Birthdays especially 60+ years
  • Anniversaries of special occasions or events
  • Coming of Age 
  • Wedding Anniversaries
  • Mothers and Fathers Days
  • Valentine Days
  • Coming of Age
  • Coming of Adolescence
  • any celebration that can be used for this family purpose 


  • have a goal of raising funds for a good cause

    From the 5 love languages by Gary Chapman. 
Party with a Purpose is  a way of
  • helping younger family members find their roots and have a stronger sense of identity and support
  • building memories and documenting family history
  • showing appreciation to others and especially affirming our older citizens for their contributions to our lives
Associated with this project, for those celebrations raising funds for a good cause such as as helping children or people less well off than yourselves, is the Party with a Purpose Charity and Non-Profits Directory and the TCN Affiliates Program.

Start your celebration with a well designed ceremony or special event - using the creative talents of guests and the organisational and ceremonial skills of a independent civil celebrant followed by refreshments, just as one would for a wedding.

To 'celebrate with ceremony' ..... find out how an independent professional civil celebrant may assist you.  


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