Purpose - encouraging creativity

Purpose - encouraging creativity Pixabay 822803

How are our young people to practice their performance and other arts without an early audience to encourage their efforts ?

With us all living longer perhaps the same can be said of our elders too! 

Of course it is not so easy when artists and performers are starting out. It may be that it is an act of service on our behalf to be present! That too though is another way be can demonstrate our love and concern for others.

Do we know what talents our friends and family have? Sometimes people can surprise us - for example Susan Boyle

Ceremonies and celebrations are meaningful occasions that can be made even more interesting and memorable if family and friends are encouraged to share their talents within the ceremony itself.

Have you considered

  • inviting family and friends to participate in a Senior Birthday celebration? or a Wedding Anniversary ceremony ?
  • holding a Family Reunion suggesting everyone provide some entertainment ?
  • planning an art competition with the entrance fee and donations to charity?
  • organising a benefit for a local non-profit organisation, drawing upon local musical talent ?

Do you have memories of special times with others? 

Do you appreciate the creative contribution family and friends can offer?

Do you appreciate the support you can give to enourage young people to develop their talents?

Starting planning now

Use a birthday, wedding anniversary (two or the price of one :-), Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparent's Day, Neighour Day, Carers Week, etc.

acts of service

* As defined by Gary Chapman Author of the 5 Love Languages

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