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Raising funds for good causes

These days very few charities are supported via tax payers revenue.

More often non-profit organisations and charities need to spend large amounts of their resources to raise funds for their good cause .. ..... whatever that may be.

Phone calls at dinner time have been one strategy that has put pressure on individuals who may not be in the position to assist.

Unfortunately, this method is more likely to induce an anti-charity mood or "charity fatigue".

Also how much more money could be used directly for good, if charities and non-profits did not need to spend so much to generate income?

As Australians, we don't need to wait for others to remind us about the importance of giving others "A Fair Go"

  • We do not need to wait for funerals to donate to a good cause.

There is a range of special events in our lives, where the event can be used as a fund raiser and the same time, as an enjoyable celebration for the participants.

Every now and again, we can forgo individual gifts to make a combined gift for a good purpose!

Whatever age we are or whatever group takes up this idea, it is one way we can make real contribution to our communities  ie have a party with a purpose!

Have a Party with a Purpose Gift Box at your next Company Celebration or Family Get Together. You can

  • donate the funds raised directly to a charity or non-profit of your choice

  • for $100 you or your group can sponsor a Party With a Purpose Directory Link for a year

If your group, association or business supports marriage equality and other civil rights you may join  TCN Inc as an affiliate. By doing this, you receive a TCN Inc directory listing, and a discount on sponsoring a PWAP Charity & Non-profit Directory. ( Saves $40)

  • Each PWAP Directory Listing links to the Westpac supported Our Community GIVE NOW website

Starting planning now

Use a birthday, wedding anniversary (two or the price of one :-), Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparent's Day, Neighour Day, Carers Week, etc.

gift giving

* As defined by Gary Chapman Author of the 5 Love Languages

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