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Purpose - bonding with family & friends

Purpose - bonding with family & friends Pixabay 472488

Quality time with different generations of family is hard to find these days.

In our busy lives, we seem to have to make extra special efforts to do what was once a regular part of family life.

Relationships just don't start and grow in a vacuum. Relationships need to be nurtured in the same way as we care for our gardens - regularly watered, fed and appreciated.

Quality time together is not just sitting in front of the TV, playing sport together or drinking together at the pub or the club when one cannot hear others or even one's own thoughts. These activities may well be important and are part of relationships. But they can also be times where relationships can get off-track.

And now many of us are living in cyber-space, when going out for lunch can be a contest between smart phones and verbal conversation - there may be even more need for us to physically spend time in each others presence.

Bonding is about strenghtening relationships. Well planned quality time together is one important way of nurturing our family and friends and looking after our community.

So use a coming occasion such as a birthday or anniversary or choose a national or international day as  the purpose (reason) or "excuse" to encourage family to spend time with one another.

If you are the couple or one person are wanting to organise something special for another person or couple, then remember that it’s the celebrant who will be taking the centre stage.The couple can be seated to one side – just like the “This is Your Life” program

Consider the alternative?

Many wedding anniversary and birthday parties, especially for our older family members  …

  • are rather boring
  • have people there out of friendship or loyalty bit really perferring to be somewhere else
  • have too much drinking and eating whilst people wait for the speeches to be over to go home, and
  • are usually disappointing as most of the speeches are rather ordinary.

The benefits of having a ceremony ie to add the ceremony at the beginning of the occasion  – like a wedding – with food and drink as an accompaniment afterwards.

  • All the “speeches” as such can be included in the ceremony and can be better planned
  • All those who want to go early can as soon as the lunch or dinner or afternoon tea in over!
  • Great memories to share for the future 
  • Can be group gift. ie the cost of the celebrant and celebration can be shared between the guests instead of individual gifts. This would be very appreciated by most seniors, who have most things they need so do not need more “things” that need dusting or being given away when they down-size.

  Quality time

* As defined by Gary Chapman Author of the 5 Love Languages

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