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The art of dying

Dying is the art of letting go Dying is the art of letting go Pixabay

Life and death; the in breath and the out breath

Article by: 
Julie Petersen Celebrant Sydney NSW. 

Our first breath is an inhalation and our last breath is an exhalation.  Our body breathes in without our doing and our body breathes out without our doing. 

Every moment we breathe in and experience life and then we breathe out and experience death. 

As you sit reading this, breathe in deeply and feel the air filling your lungs and energising your whole body.  Hold the breath for a short hold and now exhale and feel the deep relaxation that comes to the body; hold the breath out and feel that relaxation going deeper.  This is life and death happening every minute every day.

All of these breaths make up a day and a night.  Each day is a new start and at the end of the day we are tired and need rest and we sleep.  The flow of life, the in and out breath, day and night are the constant reminders that we are a passage. In life we are like actors on a stage trying to get the story right before our play is over.  We are constantly preparing for the grand finale, which is death.

Death is our constant companion.  Always just beside us.  Death is the gamble.   In every decision we consider death.  “How will I survive if I lose my job etc” it holds fear for us, if we make the wrong decision, we think we may lose everything just the way we feel about death.    Even if we live safely and protect ourselves from all risk, death will still happen, loss will still happen.  Death is the only guarantee in life.

When we are facing death of the body or preparing to leave our body we are coming to terms with the fact that our body is no longer a place for us to live and to experience and to grow and to feel.  It is the end of our lifetime, as we have known it for many years or in some cases not such a long time.  It is the inhalation of life letting go and allowing the relaxation that we call death.

To understand the art of dying we first need to understand the art of living.

So lets learn to make friends with life and with death! 

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