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Memorials offer a great opportunity for planning the ceremony

Usually conducted several weeks after a smaller private funeral, memorials are opportunities to plan a celebration of life as well as honouring the loss of a person who has been important to us.

A Memorial is often in structure very similar to a funeral, though it does not have to be. The main difference is that there is more time to plan; to include a broader range of people and / or depth of preparation.

There is extra time to research information, prepare visual aids such a DVD or Power Point presentations, organise a suitable venue and refreshments.  This may result in a celebration that is more balanced and satisfying for those participating.

Another option of course is to organise a later time for the funeral itself. Many families are not aware that Funeral Directors are able to offer non traditional options if requested.

The TCN  is here to:

  • advise and assist community members who recognise the need for such ceremonies, and
  • promote a range of ceremonies by supporting celebrants via our Australia-wide network.

 Please contact us if you have a special need or would like more information

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