Don't Feel Sad

Don't Feel Sad

The time has come for me to leave,
I want you to not feel sad.
Although I go alone right now,
Good times with you I had.

Each one of you held a special place in my heart
And I take my memories with me as I go
Of the wonderful times we spent together
And how I loved you so.

My life to you may/not have seemed long enough
but I laughed and loved and cried.
I don’t want you to give up on living
Just because of the fact that I have died.

Grieve a while for me if grieve you must
Although within your hearts I stay.
Sometime soon I hope you again enjoy
The sunshine of a bright new day.

So when you miss me just think real hard
Of those good times that we had,
And remember most of all that I loved you
And would not want you to feel sad.

(C) Robyn O'Connell

Civil Marriage, Family and Funeral Celebrant

Melbourne Victora

Most of my poetry has been written on an 'as needs' basis.  Whether it was because I couldn't find an appropriate poem for a funeral or, on occasions, a couple getting married who didn't want the normal type of poetry available.  You know what they say about necessity being the mother of invention?  Well that is how my poetry happens.  I'd like to think my poetry is meaningful but I guess I would be insulting 'real poets' by claiming to be one myself *laughs*.

There are a few here that you are welcome to use, modify if you need to, but I would just ask that you acknowledge the author (ooooops that's me isn't it????).  If you have changed more than a bit (ie two or more lines) then 'adapted from' would be appreciated.  Obviously there is no way I can know whether you do or not, but if you do - you will at least know you have made me happy :)


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