One So Beloved ...

(For someone who has been ill for many years)

Through anguished, tear-filled years, love remains
And memories rustle the pages of one sweet life
The unanswered ‘whys?’ that were uttered
In frustrated plea, so frequently
Whilst loving hearts perceived that he was special
His life had cruel limitations.
In a kaleidoscope of pills and potions he manifested
Light and dark, fire and spirit, understanding, ambition
Persuasion and perseverance
Acknowledging neither defeat nor self-pity
Steadfastly pursuing excellence
His youth disappearing in molten dreams
‘twixt days awash with tears and silent pain
An odyssey of pierced veins and bruised seams
Yet his smiles belied the turbulence.
Though small, he stood so very tall with countenance
That masked a tortured spirit
Thus bravely, loving expansively, ‘midst the miasma
Of drips and drugs and alien hospice
He clung to hope, though his stay on earth was done
And peace - his rightful due.
A camouflage of mindless hours and anguished minutes
Once fettered, springing free, as patterned lives
Move on - another page is turned
Come one, come all - kiss all strife goodbye and smile
For having known him!

(c) Ruth Van Gramberg

Inspired by the Book ‘April Fools Day’ by Bryce Courtney

Little Pebbles and Stepping Stones
Compositions from the heart
by Ruth Van Gramberg - 2005

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