Goodbye Little One ...

My little one, you filled my world, heaven sent to me
A sunbeam in a darkened room, a gift from God to see
Your smile, so sweet and tender
You touched my very soul
You helped me grow, strong and tall
That was your little role
You had to go, your time was right, cold emptiness you leave
A life so short, so pure, so loved, hearts you touched - now grieve.

Is it some greater puzzle - I can never understand
I was a mother, parent for a while - I felt so grand
Now all that’s left are memories
Framed in black and white
And this pain, deep and tearing
When you flew away from sight
But my little one, my pretty one, when I see the stars above
You will always shine the brightest in the heaven of our love.

(c) Ruth Van Gramberg

Little Pebbles And Stepping Stones
Compositions from the heart
by Ruth Van Gramberg - 2005
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