Alzheimer’s - The Shadow of a Man

How do you cope when someone you hold
Most dear - suddenly dies
How do you face people, aloof, detached?
Yet mourn in silence – with unheard cries
How do you hold back the tears?
Yet folks think you’re very brave
But you battle on with daily tasks
Dwelling on comforts - he once gave
How do you express the hurt, the shame?
When recognition faded ..... even his name.
He used to laugh, whistle and hum
Appreciate music, movies and lots of fun
Then floundered helplessly ... misunderstood!
You then coped -␣ as best you could
How do you say, you had to repeat
Patiently - things one takes for granted?
As he once housed goodness and beauty
That God had initially planted.
Each time you caressed his feeble hand
Only those who care - may understand...
He’d lost every goal, it tore your soul
That saddened, empty whole...
The laughter, the songs, the games once played
Memories of yesterday - still heavy with pain
Can never be erased...
As the Love you felt and the Love you still feel
Will always, always remain the same!

Little Pebbles and Stepping Stones
Compositions from the heart
by Ruth Van Gramberg - 2005
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